Our Policies

Absence Policy: Please give a 24 hour notice for an expected missed class. Missed classes can be rescheduled. If the swimmer frequently misses class we will contact you to be sure the class dates and times still work with your schedule. After 3 missed lessons the swimmer may be removed from the lesson.

Registration Policy: $25 annual registration policy per family. This is to be paid at the start of lessons if a new enrollment and annually thereafter. We will send an email stating your Annual Registration is due on the Anniversary of your initial enrollment.


Class Cancellation Policy: Pool closures may happen. During the summer in our outdoor location they happen most likely due to inclement weather. We will continue lessons in a light rain if there are no lightning strikes within 5 miles. During our Fall/Winter/Spring sessions pool closures will  happen due to Natatorium Rental Closures. Should a pool closure of any type happen we will notify you as quickly as possible of cancelled classes.

Payment(s) Policy: We believe in getting what you pay for, and working with the client. We accept cash, credit and checks. You may pay for your classes the day of or in advance. We can also send an invoice via Square. If you are taking group lessons and would like to pre-pay for all classes in advance you will receive a discount. Discounts vary based on the amount of classes.

Parental Supervision Policy: We require a parent/guardian to maintain direct supervision of all children not in a class, under the age of 16 at all times. The parent/guardian must remain in the facility in case of a medical emergency.

Bubble Babies and Toddler Time Policy: Parent’s are required to be in the water with their child at every lesson. If the child is no potty trained a swim diaper and elastic legged cover is required.


Refund Policy: If a refund is requested after a class has been missed then a refund will not be given for that class. A refund will be given for any prepaid funds for classes that have not been missed. A refund must be requested within 6 months of the date of the payment.